Bid Committee

Our bid committee has extensive con experience (the one exception has rather eclectic experience as an organizer, marketer, and conference programmer).

This page is a work in progress.

Adam Beaton (Bid Chair)


Mike Willmoth

Mike has run the programming division at numerous cons and chaired multiple cons.

Pam Burr

Pam has worked Sponsorships, Advertising and Fan Tables , and Registration for multiple cons.

Juan Sanmiguel 

Juan has worked Masquerade Green Room, Registration (he ran NASFiC 2017 registration), Information Desk, Move In, and Volunteers.

Jill Eastlake

Jill has volunteered at cons for over 50 years, and has filled more positions than can be listed here, including chair or department head at multiple cons.

Evergreen Lee

Evergreen has worked tech for many cons, and was one of the webmasters for DisCon III.

Donald Eastlake

Donald hasCo-Chaired Boskone 11 and Chaired Boskone 16. He has been Convention Center Liaison for two Worldcons and Facilities Division Head for another.

Nate Hoffelder

This is Nate’s second major SF con after DisCon III, but his other experience include organizing swag bags for author events, programming an author conference, and guerilla marketing.