How to Support Our Bid

All the money we collect is going to get the bid up and running quickly, yet competently. We’ve got to get the organization up off the ground, get art made, bid table materials, flyers, t-shirts, party supplies, etc. Most bids get about two years to get all that in order – we’ve got about five months before our bid gets voted on at Chicon 8, the 80th Worldcon. Our gracious thanks to all of you who can donate and help!

Just want to volunteer? Visit our volunteer sign up page.

To sign up for updates without financially supporting the bid, visit this page.

Don’t let them give you $10! Ask for $20! They’re going to tell you they’ll only give you $10 because it’s ‘just a NASFiC’, but don’t let them do that! Make sure you ask for $20! – Tammy Coxen, Chair of Detcon1, the 2014 NASFiC

This was what Tammy told us in Washington, DC at DisCon III, the 79th Worldcon. She was so insistent and helpful we’ve decided to name our levels of pre-support after her – the Tammy. We have four levels of Tammy for you to choose from:

The Tammy – The quote, the myth, the legend. $20 and our eternal gratitude.

The Super Tammy – It’s super because it’s twice the Tammy. Tammy Times Two, if you will.

The Super-Duper Tammy – Like chocolate and peanut butter, when you combine the Tammy with the Super Tammy, it’s just magical. So magical, any pre-supports at this level automatically convert to full attending membership to the Orlando 2023 NASFiC as long as you vote at Chicon!

The Ultimate Tammy – You would blow our minds if you donated at this level. Seriously. Obviously, you’d get automatic membership to our NASFiC, but let us know what else you’d like! A free t-shirt? Private car service to and from the Orlando airport and our hotel? A private meet-and-greet with our Guests of Honor…and Tammy?! Your name in our souvenir book as [First Name] “Tammy” [Last Name]?

Choose your level of Tammy!