NASFiC? What's That?

I am glad you asked!

As you may or may not know, there is an annual science fiction convention called Worldcon. It is held in various cities around the world, and is never held in the same city (or even the same region of a country) two years in a row.

In the years when Worldcon is not held in North America, there is also a convention called NASFiC (North American Science Fiction Convention). Since the 2023 Worldcon is scheduled to be held in Chengdu, this means there will be a NASFiC in 2023.

Two groups have submitted bids to hold the 2023 NASFiC, one in Orlando and the other in Winnipeg. The members of the 2022 Worldcon, Chicon 8, will vote to select the site of the 2023 NASFiC.